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This is how cPanel steal your domains after become Successful

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Posted by on February 2, 2020 in | Comments

This is how cPanel steal your domains after become Successful

In this post I am going to share my story with the cPanel company

In 2013 I registered thefreecpanel domain to provide a free web hosting, and after doing some seo work in 2019 my website appeared in the first page of results in google, the cPanel started to send some emails to me throw their lawyer David to shut down my website because I am using their name even though some websites are using the same cpanel name as I do but they don’t do any action against them.


My idea was simple using free hosting only to engage the clients to upgrade to paid hosting or lifetime hosting throw my website www.eurobia.co.uk only ! and at that time I was just using cPanel licensed products ! while now I am using directadmin because I feel safer there !

First step: for the cPanel to shut down my website

is to try to pay my bills, David has offered me to pay all the expensive of my website in order to move the domain to them, but I refused because the seo work took a lot of my time and money.


Second step by trying to do some ddos attacks

and shut down my server. After I have noticed this I moved to a better server and started using the cloudflare so their second plan failed.

Third step by offering some money

and try to make me sign a contract to not work again in this field


last step by the adrforum

(I am sure they have paid off some people there)


after many fails they had to do something to stop me so they had failed a compliant against me in the internet forum, cpanel sent a legal compliment against me and my lawyer replied to all the compliments. The adrforum has decided to move my domain to the cpanel, finally they have informed my domain provider to move my domain and they did (took around 1 month)

the funny thing is the final decision was in a word file, not a pdf which is not professional at all.

We did many emails and calls to make an arrangement, clearly cpanel wanted to gain higher ranking from my domain because I had some keywords ranked in the first page and in the first results while you can find their domain not as high as mine.