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What is lifetime web hosting ?Have you ever wondered how websites are hosted? Or even about the payment plans? Well, we got you covered. Here we have explained candidly the differences between free, premium, and lifetime web hosting options.


1. Free Web Hosting

There are many sites such as Blogger and WordPress that offer free hosting for websites. The main advantage with free web hosting is that you incur no cost. However, some disadvantages are associated with free hosting. Some of these disadvantages are listed here.
– No customer support- High downtimes- You have no control over advertisements placed on your website

Ideally, free websites don’t have their domains. Instead, they use subdomains given by the hosting company. If you want to have a site with its domain, then you have to pay for it. There are two payment options for websites.

2. Premium Web Hosting

The premium web hosting package is paid once every month. With the subscription, you get the following benefits.
– Full-time customer service- Security such as an antivirus- Unlimited bandwidth- Fast loading speeds- Daily backup of data

3. Lifetime Web Hosting

Lifetime web hosting option has the same benefits as the monthly payment plan. The only difference is that with the lifetime option, you are only required to make a one-time payment and after that, you can enjoy the benefits forever as long as the website is operational. Lifetime web hosting is inexpensive and ideal for individuals who want to operate their sites without worrying about renewal fees.


Free web hosting is preferred by individuals who are starting up because they incur no cost. However, with free hosting, your site is prone to hacking due to lack of security, long downtimes, lack of customer support, and the web hosting company can put advertisements on your site without your consent. However, if you are considering a payment plan, there is premium and lifetime web hosting. The two guarantee high loading speeds, security, back up, control over advertisements and full-time customer support from the hosting companies. The only difference is that premium is paid once every month, while the lifetime web hosting is paid only once in a lifetime.